14 Okt, 2019

According to Hyperloop supporters

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According to Hyperloop supporters, the pod trains that are powered by electric propulsion and use magnetic cushion will avoid being slowed down by air pressure or the friction of wheels on rails, making them faster and cheaper to operate. They claim that the pod will eventually travel at a speed of about 1000km/h (700mph). 

The Tesla-branded Hyperloop ‘pusher pod’ has hit 220mph ( 355km/h), breaking the 201mph speed record set Vacuum bag by students of team WARR at the Hyperloop Pod competition held earlier this week, Elon Musk revealed in a post. Maybe able get past 500 km/h [310mph] (about half speed of sound) next month with a few tweaks or maybe tiny pieces,” he added. “Kind of like racing with a tugboat.g.8miles) Hyperloop tunnel track that runs parallel to Musk’s SpaceX, a rocket building company, in California..Supporters claim that the pod will eventually travel at a speed of about 1000km/h (700mph).He also said that improvements to the test track might mean the pods hit 500 km/h next month.Both records were set at the ‘near-vacuum’ 1.

We took the SpaceX/Tesla Hyperloop pusher pod for a spin by itself a few days ago to see what it could do when not pushing student pods (some need a push to get going, e. passive maglev),” Musk wrote in an Instagram post.3km (0. Tesla Hyperloop pod (Photo: Instagram/ElonMusk) The futuristic hyperloop transport system is fast approaching – at 355km/h


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